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Profesions of Lerians
Here is a list of the main sectors that the people of Leros are occupied in/with:

Agriculture: With the main areas in Xerokampos, Partheni, Gourna production of goods is consumed on the island and rarely there are any goods exported elsewere.

Livestock farming: with only about 75 farmers that are involved in such activities.

Beekeping/Apiculture: Approximately 1500 beehives with annual production roughly 15 tons honey, of exceptional quality, sold on the island with small amounts exported. The producers tend to be small to intermediate set ups with 8 beehives for the smaller producers to 200 beehives the larger ones.

Fisheries and Fishing industry: with about 140 boats and a production of 2700 tonnes per year. As well as 5 Fish farms which produce about 1200 tons of fish per year, which is mainly exported to the rest of Greece and bigger islands and Italy.

Hospital and Mental institution: In the past approximately 60% of the islands income was due to the mental institution which is now slowly shrinking in patient numbers.

Tourism: Although not as evolved as in the bigger islands (thank God) the islanders have found the opportunity to focus developments learning from the mistakes of the otehr islands (I hope...although I am happy to see some good evidence) and we now see developments of Sustainable tourism such as Agro-Tourism, and other alternative forms of tourism.

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