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Leros Title
Churches of Leros
Leros is full of Churches that would worth a visit. To show you what I am talking about check out this page were I show you the churches of the island I managed to photograph. Here I will give some information on only four churches that I think you should not miss.
Panagia Gourlomata!!!

(Which roughly translates to: Our Holy Mother with the big eyes)
The church dates back to the 14th century and was renovated only a couple of years ago. This is believed to be the oldest church on the island, and some locals believe that it dates back on the 11th century!!! It is very hard to find if you do not know where to search. I was taken there by one of the locals. The inside of the church is breathtaking and as promised i got you some pictures (slideshow on the right). If you go on the search for the church head for Gourna. If you are heading from Alinda towards Gourna, once you reach the street on your right towards Drymona do not enter but continue upwards. You will soon come by a left turn, you will need to take the second cemented path on your right! You will have to walk through a house to get to the field of the church. Just ask the locals, I am certain they will be as helpful to you as they were to me. Good luck!

Agia Kioura:

I also got for you some pictures of the inside of Aghia Kioura, which is unique in two ways. First it is a Trisypostati Church (meaning 3 altars can allow for 3 ceremonies a day!), second the paintings inside the church are created by the political prisoners of the Hounta (1969-74) and it is said that some are depicting faces of the local people. It was for this reason that the pictures were almost destroyed as they were seen as a blaspheme but were saved and restored recently and the Church is now protected (slideshow on the right). [to find this church head towards Partheni]

Panagia Gourlomata
Clicking on the picture will shufle
through a total of 6 pictures.
Agia Kioura
Clicking on the picture will shufle
through a total of 6 pictures
Agia Kioura
Agios Isidoros
Agios Isidoros:
A magestic chapel, built on a rock in the middle of the sea. Check the site carefully, as there used to be an ancient temple at the same spot. To reach it you will have to walk on a small corridor which makes you feel like you are walking on the surface of the sea. Well worth a visit. [This church is after Alinda]

Panagia tou Kastrou:
The Temple of Virgin Mary is found in the interior of the Castle in the western side. Inside the church the Byzantine icons and the golden templo (see pictures) [if you manage to miss this Church I ll be amazed, its in the Castle!]

The Church of Panagia tou Kastrou Templo Panagia Icon
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