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Museums of Leros
Inside tunel Museum Inside tunel Museum Leros Archaeological Museum [Agia Marina].
Housed in an 1882 Building which used to be the Urban college of Leros. Here one can see: small ancient objects, currencies, mosaics, vessels memorial columns, signs, a bas-relief of the classic period which depicts an old man with walking stick
Belenis Tower Historic and Folk Museum [in Alinda].

Head to alinda and you will find the Belenis Tower. This was the house of Parisis Belenis a wealthy Lerian who had immigrated to Egypt.
The house was converted into the museum which includes embroideries, traditional costumes and musical instruments, domestic utensils, portraits, photographs and ecclesiastical vessels.
The ladder of the “Queen Olga” that was sunk in 1943 by the Germans, is also hosted there, as well as a historical retrospective of the typography from the 15th century until the 19th century and printing machines, old local papers and magazines.
The museum also houses the Municipal Library (since 1988) and a section of the Municipal Art Gallery of Leros.

Belenis Tower
Parisis Belenis
Panagia Tou Kastrou Ecclesiastical Collection of Panagia tou Kastrou [at the Castle].

Next to the church of Panagia tou Kastrou (Our Lady of the Castle), is this collection which consists of sacerdotal vestments, icons, frescoes, silver chalices, oil lamps and metropolitan mitres, among which is the gold mite of Saint Nektarios. There is also a small archaeological collection exhibiting amphorae, utensils and inscriptions found in Leros, and a library with rare manuscripts.

Tunnel War Museum [Merikies].

In September 2005, the Leros war museum was opened in Merikia, just after Lakki.
The museum is inside an old tunnel made by the Italians during the Second World War.

There are several items from the battle of Leros including: guns, helmets, bombs, uniforms and many photos. The tunnel was a place of refuge for the islanders and allies, during the WWII bombardments but also doubled up as a covered surgery.

Tunel Museum Entrance of tunnel museum
Inside tunel Museum
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