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People of Leros
The Lerians are a kind people who have held on to their traditions and always welcomed travellers on their little island. In my view thereare so many that should be featured in this page but I had to restrict it to those more famous Lerians who have in one way or other contributed to the islands culture, from ancient times till today... if I am missing someone please let me know.

Pherecydes of Leros: lived around 450s BC. He spent the greater part of his working life at Athens, and so he was also called Pherecydes of Athens. His great treatises, a history of Leros, an essay On Iphigeneia, On the Festivals of Dionysus are all lost, but numerous fragments of his genealogies of the gods and heroes, originally in ten books, written in the Ionian dialect to glorify the ancestors in the heroic age of his 5th century patrons, have been preserved. He modified the legends, not with a view to rationalizing them, but rather to adjust them to popular beliefs.

Dimodikos of Leros (or Demodokus). Demodokus was blessed with a sense of humour. Being able to view time in the same way that others view space requires the stability that comes from seeing the amusing side of things. Demodokos was a favourite poet of Queen Arete and King Alkinoos' household, drawing many people simply to hear him sing and tell stories. On this festal day like any number of other days people gathered around him to join in the early fun. Apparently he was blind and it might be because of references to his blindness that Homer was thought to be blind as well.

Parisis Belenis 1871 - 1957: A Lerian that emigrated in Cairo he is responsible for the construction of the original desert road from Cairo to Alexandria. In 1925 he built the Belenis Tower in Alinda. Old Lerians remember him as a most generous and kind man. The Belenion Highschool has been named after him in his honor.

I am currently missing information for the following individuals if you can help please send me an email with information about any of the following:

Emmanuel Malahias 18?? - 19??: Another Lerian that emigrated in Cairo and another benefactor of the island. The junior school of Agia Marina is named after him in his honor.

Manolis Hsixos 19??- 20??: Folklore Museum in Belenis tower was named after him in his honor. He had dedicated his life in the ancient and current history of Leros. I was lucky enough to have been taught by him whilst studying at Bulafentio Lyceum many years ago.

Stathis Armeniakos 19??- 2006?: A great friend of Leros, Stathis was a painter, a writer a director and a great person who is considered a friend by many Lerians and is very much missed.

Dimitris Tsaloumas 1921 :A Greek Australian poet that was born in the island of Leros known for his first collection of poems known as: Falcon Drinking. Some of the prizes he has received for his writting include: National Book Council Award (1983), Patrick White Award (1994) and an Emeritus Award from Literature Board of the Australia Council for outstanding and lifelong contribution to Australian literature (2002)

Boulafentis 19??: A Lerian Born heart surgeon who resides in the US. A benefactor of the island the Lyceum is named after him in his honor, and so are the Sporting Events that run around the same time as Alindia.

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