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Castles of Leros
There are three Major Castles in Leros... the well known one is reachable via Pandeli or Christos but there are two more less well known. The Castle of Xerokampos, and the one that no many people talk about the castle in Broutzi.
The Main Castle of Leros was built on top of an ancient acropolis. There are disputes in historical estimates with some dating the beggining of the construction in the 7th century and completed by the Venetians and Knights of Saint John. Others suggest it was built during the 11th century by the Emperor of Byzantium Alexios Komninos. In the Castle Kastro at night
Today the Castle of Leros or To Kastro tis Panagias(Castle of Holy Mary) is one of the top attractions of the Island of Leros. There is a Christian Orthodox museum within the castle (see museums of Leros).
Various sections of the Castle were recently (2006) repaired and there was a small theatre added so theres bound to be some productions there in the future. I strongly suggest you visit this Castle if not for anything else but for the breathtaking views, and the abundant oppurtunities for some amazing photos.
Bells of Castle
Paleokastro of Xerokampos Between Lepida and Xerokampos, you will find Paleokastro. Some refer to it as the Lepida Castle others as the Xerocampos Castle. Paleokastro means the "Old Castle" and the reason for that is that the site is dated at around 2.500 BC far older than the Castle at Pandeli. The castle's eastern side is built with carved rocks, this I believe is called "Cyclopean" style. Half a tone stones, would propably take a few Cyclops to move them around so I guess thats why they call them so... pfff archaeologists they believe anything.... (any archaeologists out there I m just kidding dont hunt me down for this comment).
There is a Panayia church also on this site. You can just about see the Church on the second photo. More information about the church on the Churches page.
The hill of the site is about 75 metres high so you get another opportunity for some great overview of the island. Get your cameras ready!
Paleokastro with Church, Leros
Brutzi Castle remnants from distance
Brutzi Fort. The remnants of an Old Fort can also be seen at Brutzi or Bruzzi area which is very close to Agia Marina port. If you head towards the bar called Faros and you feel like some minor Rock climbing you can actually get some great shots of the Agia Marina bay. I am unsure of the historical records of this fort but its one of my top priorities to figure out. In the meantime I give you those two pictures.
Castle of Brutzi in Leros
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