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Festivals of Leros
Here I list the most important Festivals in chronological order. Please note the dates are for guidance only and they change from year to year, although the festivals take place around the indicated dates I give you. You must check the announcements at Platanos outside the mayors office or at Alinda outside Belenis tower:

Lerian Carnival: The Lerian carnival is celebrated like in many other Greek cities and islands. It is a festive season, and the Lerians are dressed up (we call them Kamoutzeles) and tease each other with various "mantinades" two verse poems . The dates for the next two years are 2008 Friday, March 7th - Sunday, March 9th and for 2009 Friday, February 27th - Sunday, March 1st

Greek Orthodox Easter: In festive terms Easter is far more celebratory to Greeks than Christmas and although Christmas are serene times with the family, Easter Sunday is a time to open up the home and invite everyone even total strangers to eat and dance with the family. Many a times my brothers and I would roast a goat on the spit and invite passing by Tourists to join us for drinking eating and dancing... they always could not believe that there is no catch and this is Greek Hospitality at its best! If you ever have the choice between busy August and serene Easter go for the later...

17 July Agia Marina. This is the festive of the capital of the island. The main Church there is Agia Marina and during the 17th of July the festivities are always great there.

25th of July Alonaris Celebration in Gourna. This is the farmers festival which is held annually in Gourna. Expect traditional music and dancing lots of wine, and food too.

5th August Drymonas festival: Expect dancing music wine and a celebration of the Lerian cuisine.

8th August Alindia: Alintia games have been happening on the island since 1907 these are sporting games with a twist. The main goal is having fun! In recent years part of the games has also been called Bulafentia in honor of the Lerian heart surgeon Bulafentis.

12th August Wine Festival in Xerokampos: This is the place and time to try out some of that Lerian wine I v been telling you about. Dancing and drinking .... or drinking and drinking are very important here.... do not attempt to drive back home!

14th -15th August Panagia Kastrou. This is a MAJOR festival on the island, expect music and concerts throughout on the 15th although on the 14th it is the custom for Lerians to WALK up the many stairs to the Castle. Yes I said WALK do not be tempted by the taxis unless you are over 90, then I ll excuse you. Take it easy going up no one is rushing you and absorb the fantastic atmosphere.

18 August Day of expat Lerians: Funnily enough I have never visited this festival (yet) so I don't know what to expect I only heard it from the grapevine that its actually taking place annually.

27th August Saint Fanourios in Xerokampos: The Xerokampos village protector is Saint Fanourios, the Saint that all Lerians hope will intervene when they pray to find a lost one. See traditions for more information about the fanouropita.

12 September the celebration of fisherman in Pandeli: This is another great fun festival, lots of grilled fish, plenty of wine and dancing in Pandeli's square which is tiny so it makes it even more fun!

20-26 September The battle of Leros: Parades and celebrations in Lakki, in memory of those who fallen during the WWII.

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