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Nightlife in Leros
As I have said elsewhere on this site, Leros is a tranquil island. It is certainly not an island for those seeking the ultimate nightlife experience. Having said that the island is not without its lovely bars and nightclubs that have been part of the Lerian night entertainment for years...
The Lerian bar and nightclub hub is situated in Agia Marina. You will find a number of Bars as well as coffee places and even an internet cafe. I would certainly suggest the Cafe bar "Thalassa" in Agia Marina, but also in Pandeli you will find "Savana Bar" which has to remain as my top favorite. I also suggest a visit to "Faros" in Brutzi.
Alinda and Lakki also have their own nightclubs and Bars.

Most of the Bars play a selection of music and only a few will play only Greek music. It is worth noting that some of the restaurants also are converted into Buzuki clubs every so often.

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