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Drama Groups of Leros
Theatre appears to have also become part the Lerian Culture. There can often be as many as three- four productions by the various amateur drama groups of Leros. The productions are often in Greek but it is worth a try just to absorb the atmosphere and bepart of the audience.
The island of Leros has a long tradition in amteur dramatics for almost 30 years now. With a presence in not only the dodecanese but even in Athens and abroad, Leros has been represented by the drama enthusiasts of the island in many festivals over the years.

The primary Amateur Drama Group is DGL (Drama Group of Leros) it was founded in 1989 although the founding members had a presense in amateur drama since 1982. Every year the Group organises at least one production and some years there has been an extra production with the Kids Drama Group.

The Artemis Culture Group has also organised a number of productions over the years, and so have individuals on the island such as the Highschool lecturer Manousos Grilakis who has been organised some excellent productions, since 1987.

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