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Leros Title
The Dialect of Leros
Lerians have their own dialect. The old Lerians can talk in the dialect and the younger ones will struggle to understand what is going on, the dialect has Cretan influences and it may sound like Cypriot at times. The dialect its slowly getting lost with every passing year. I always wanted to try and preserve as many of the Lerian words as I can so this page will be a work in progress as I try to find as many of the old forgoten words as possible...
Roumpanezo = Idiot (actualy is slightly worst than )

Malastroupa = torch

Kounoupas = mosquito

Oxo Kouli = Get out of here

Anagiase = Mother of God!

Gia'mose! = are you serious?

Mprostomouna = apron

Mpokolia = little garden

petzoula = low wall

krevatos = traditional lerian bed

Sykelos = Very Dirty

Kamoutzela = dressed up Carnival goers

Hnta = What

Epses = Yesterday

Askeri = Family

Me Ksenoise = Excited me

Ksespasa = I got scared

Kalaro = I pull my nets

mpetsa = to carry someone on your back

posperizo = to visit friends and exchange gossip

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