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Drinks of Leros
Non Alcoholic drinks:

Soumada: This is a very sweet drink made out of bitter and sweet almonds as well as sugar and a different process to diasoalo. The drink is mainly offered at wedding receptions but I often find bottles to buy at Agia Marina or Alinda. You need to mix 1/3 soumada with 2/3 iced water for the perfect drink!

Diasoalo (Diasogalo): This looks like soumada but its slightly different. My mother tells me that in the past when the islanders were poor they used to make this drink for mothers with infants to give it to them instead of milk which was expensive. The main difference to soumada was apart from the process of making it the fact that it did not include sweet almonds and also flour was added to make it thicker.

Lerosian wine at the wine festival

Alcoholic drinks:

Both red and white wine is produced on the island, the quality varies greatly from year to year and the small yields do not allow exports or even bottling it. Your best chance in trying some Lerosian wine and other alcoholic beverages of Leros is to go to the Wine Festival which is held in the month of August in Xerokampos.

I MUST warn you though! Some red Lerosian wine is not for the faint hearted, certain variety which is slightly sweet is refered to by myself and other Lerians as "KOUTELITIS" direct translation is "Hits you in the forhead" this wine is very pleasant to drink and you wont know otherwise untill after only a few glasses you are about to go home and the Lerian breeze hits you and promptly reminds you a simple fact: you are drank.... Oh I remember many a good nights.... ahem wait a minute... I meant... I can NOT remember many a good nights after a few glasses of a "Koutelitis"....

I will try and get some information on producers and were you can get some Lerosian wine if you are visiting other months but August.

Lerosian wine at the Xerokampos wine festival
Music and dancing at the wine festival of Xerokampos
Music and dancing at the Xerokampos wine festival
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