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Once you have visited Leros you will never forget it!
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Leros is a small island in the cluster of the Dodekanese. My name is Yiannis and I will be your local guide escorting you around the beauties of this little pearl. Here you will find information about Leros, tips, lots of pictures and links to other sites that describe Leros, so that your stay on the island will be an enjoyable one.
The menu on the left changes depending on the section of the site you are visiting, but you can always use the links at the bottom of each page to get back to the main pages of this site. The colour scheme was decided by the traditional colours of the island which unlike most greek islands (that traditionally had blue and white) Leros has this orange yellow (oxra) dark red and blue.
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Hotel To Rodon has been operating since 1981 and Dimitris Ouzeri has been feeding locals and visitors since 1996. Guests of our Hotel & Cafe who are now our friends, wanted a site so that they can keep track of what is happening. So if you are one of them, or you just want to meet new friends that share the same love for the island this is the place to be...! You might want to visit my FAQ page for more information and tips on the island.

Recently I am trying to gather historical information about Leros, not just the generic information you can find anywhere, but also myths, fictional stories, recent history and everything I can get my hands on, so keep on visiting for updates of the site and of course every time I visit even more pictures, so if you cannot physically go back, at least through my web site you will be able to visit the island daily :o)

We all must have our own little Paradise here on Earth! For me and many other people this Paradise is found in a small island in the cluster of the Dodecanese, Leros.
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