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08 June 2014: Its been a few years since I properly updated this site, I have been relying mainly on the facebook group and the old youtube channel whose passwords I have now long lost...after a long pause of visiting home I am going again this year and have been missing it so much I decided to have a look at urls once again and VOILA the finally seemed available so I buried the (it was after all too ambitious and general but it lasted me 14 whole years) and realigned all pages to visitleros I will try to update this site and will decide once I get to Leros if I should completely revamp the design of it....

08 June 2007: Flying to Leros tonight... and I have been working hard to get the culture pages up so I can remind myself what I need to research whilst on the island... ..

06 June 2007: Went all out and bought a very expensive url=
I am not sure it is worthed it yet... but I designed a new web site for it.

04 June 2007: Got permission from the owner of the old site to upload his work on I have the files but this needs a lot of I am working on it...

02 June 2007: Added a new route from Athens to kalymnos or Kos via, you can then get the small boat or the ferry from Kalymnos to Leros.

21 May 2007: Completely restructured the photo gallery --> Hope you like it.

19 May 2007: Created a Videos of Leros section. --> Check it out.

18 May 2007: Restructured ouzeri, rodon, introduction. added a huge number of new pictures both on the photogallery and at the ouzeri and rodon pages

17 May 2007: Created a Leros Friends Google group and removed the chat thas was rarely used. I hope more people will join to upload their photos there!

15 May 2007: Finally decided to get a new host, I have been drawning in work and i have delayed this for far too long. Freehostia seems a great host so far, and I have already experienced some first class service with the frehostia team.

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