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and North East Aegean.
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Dodekanese, otherwise known as the Twelve islands!
Although the cluster comprises of much more than that!!

The cluster is often chosen for experienced sailing due to the strong and often unpredicted winds that characterise the area. Even more popular for island hoping as there are many little hidden treasures often less than an hour away from one another. So here I provide links to island sites to help you with basic information and a start point for your travels.

Dodekanese map Use the popup bellow for links to sites with info about the islands.
All effort has been made to choose some of the best links however if you experience problems with any of these links or you wish to refer us to a link you think is better for any of the islands feel free to email us at:

link problems & suggestions.

How to get from Leros to the other islands & back (Transport almost daily during high season):

Rhodes & Kos: Ferry boat from Lakki or Hydrophoil (Flying Dolphin) from Agia Marina

Kalymnos: Ferry boat from Lakki or Hydrophoil (Flying Dolphin) from Agia Marina, Small boat from Xerokambos

Samos: Hydrophoil (Flying Dolphin) from Agia Marina

Lipsi & Patmos: Small boat from Agia Marina

Ferry boat will also take you to the rest of the Dodekanese approximatelly once a week.

Kastis Travel in Alinda and Agia Marina is a good place to visit for more information.

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