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Copyright is an effort to promote the island of Leros and to ensure that visitors to the island get the most out of their holiday. Hotel to Rodon and Dimitris café are the official sponsors of the site.
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Graphs and pictures in Leros News pages are owned by Leriaka Nea Newspaper. Gotohellas seeks to get authorisation for any documents written by other authors that might be of interest to Leros friends. At all times credit is given to the original authors and documents are properly referenced. Logos and Graphs used in the links and awards pages are owned by the specific site owners and those wishing to use them should contact the specific site owners directly. All other pictures and graphs depicting the gotohellas logo are property of (unless otherwise stated within the site) and are protected under the European law for copyrights. Those wishing to use the contents of this site are requested to email the webmaster describing the image/graph they wish to copy and its intended use. The author feels particularly proud for the entry page pictures, the animations (which where made frame by frame), and the Leros Churches pictures, which took a lot of effort and patience, as well as the photogalleries.
Any unauthorised copying, will be prosecuted!
Bandwith theft is a crime under copyright law. Bandwith theft can be an easy mistake to make (especially for new webmasters) please inform yourself to avoid prosecution. (Bandwith theft means that you link certain pictures to the site of origin rather than save the image in your own folders. Some users think it saves them server space but all it does is slow your loading time and might get you in jail too)! is not responsible for any information or products advertised in linked sites, although all effort has been made to suggest the best possible ones.
Privacy strives to protect the privacy rights of its visitors. collects no information on visitors who access our Web pages, apart from some statistical data collected from third parties such as counter services. Any information we do collect is used for statistical analysis only. That information is used to improve the content of our Web pages, or to notify our visitors about updates to our Web site and news of Leros island. will not give out any information about any site visitors to any third parties. We occasionally use third parties services, please ensure you check their privacy policy. disapproves of any direct correspondence with minors without parental permission.

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