Leros Map - areas you must visit!
Leros the Island of Peace and Tranquility!
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Xerokampos Xerocampos: A lovely area of the island, from here you can get a small boat to Kalymnos. Here you will also find the Camping and diving school, as well as a very nice beach.
Xerokampos Castle( Paleokastro) worth your visit the view from up there is breathtaking. Palaiokastro or Castle of the Lepida, was built on the ruins of an ancient acropolis which is dated to 2500 B.C. which makes it older than the Castle of Panagia!
Panagia Kavouradena Panagia Kavouradena: A must go place!!! This chapel is built right in the rock... legend has it that a fisherman was looking for crabs and he got bitten by one! When he spotted an icon of Panagia (Mother of Christ!) his wound got healed instantly! The church was built at the spot were he found the icon!

Lakki: Here is the island's Main harbor, boats to all other islands and mainland. You will also find a Post Office, Bank, Coffee shops and restaurants. In case you didnt know Lakki is the Largest Natural Port of Greece!

Lakki tramountana
The opening were boats enter the harbour in is only 400 metres wide. The Italian architecture is well worth some of your time. In 1943 the Greek flagship Queen Olga got hit by German Stukas and sank, there is a monument here you can visit.

In Drymonas (picture on the left) you will find Sotos restaurant, I strongly recomend the fresh seafood! Ask for Fouskes and Axinous! Also here is were you ll find Panagia Gourlomata the 14th century church i was telling you about in the churches page.
Near by is
Gourna: Sandiest beach on the island. Be careful though the waters are pretty shallow
Alinta: One of the best beaches of the island. But also the busiest. Ideal for wind surfing.

Drymonas Lakki port entrance
In Alinda you will also find Belenis Tower a very interesting Folklore and Historical museum worth your visit. During summer you will find that a lot of activities take place here (Wine festivals, Alinta Games, Theatrical Productions).
Panagies: Excellent little beach for the romantic ones!!! Further down you will find a secluded beach Dio Liskaria for the Nature Lovers... Then even further and more secluded is Kryphos but to get there you will need to hire a boat (from Alinda) or do a bit of heavy climbing!
Agia Marina

Agia Marina: The Capital of the island were you will find lots of Bars... Post Office...Police and a Bank. Boats & Hydrofoils leave from here to Lipsi, Kalymnos, Kos, Rodos,Samos and Patmos.

Partheni: Here is the islands airport and the temple of Artemis the Ancient protector God of the Island....! Goddess of Hunting!!! The temple of Artemis: Ruins of this ancient temple can be seen just before you reach the airport!


Just after Partheni you will find Blefouti: You just have to go there... amazing beach and the lovely Artemis Restaurant for a brilliant relaxing lunch. Make sure you try the KALAMARI.... Frideriki is well known for that meze!

Platanos Platanos: Here you will find a Bank, shops the Mayors Office and the Post Office. Many confuse this as the capital of the island since most services are stationed in Platanos square.
Here I suggest you ask directions for the old Cathedral of the island, Agia Paraskevi.
To Agia Paraskeui
Leros Castle. Panagia tou Kastrou: On the west side of the castle you will find the church of the Panagia it has an iconostasis with gold inlays and some amazing icons. You will also find a Museum, with displays of rare manuscripts and holy books, precious icons, sacred vestments and other ecclesiastical articles. CastleFragosikies
Leros Castle
The miraculus icon of Panagia is said to set sail from Constantinopole in a small boat with a lit candle and not a single view of any person guiding the boat. It reached Leros during the Turkish occupation.
The joyous Lerians led by the Bishop and Priests took it to the Cathedral. The next day the Turkish captain found it in the arsenal in the Castle with the candle lit. Of course he was perplexed since the arsenal was padlocked and he had the only set of keys. He alerted the priests who took the icon back to the Cathedral. The same thing hapened again the following evening and the Captain was convinced of the miracle and handed over the arsenal room to the Lerians to host the icon in.
On your way to the Castle (if you are driving) you will find the majestic windmills! Take this opportunity to relax and take in the amazing views!
Panteli: Outstandingly beautiful fishing village, lots of Restaurants and a few bars! Make sure you visit SAVANA Bar near the end of the village. This is one of my favorite places to chill in the evening. The place is run by an English guy Peter. There is great music and you can choose your own music from an extensive collection of CDs.
At Panteli you will also find the street that leads you to the Main Castle and the mills of Leros.

Spilia: Right in the middle of two beaches (Panteli & Vromolithos) a strategic location for your base! Dimitris Ouzeri and Hotel to Rodon are situated here!Vromolithos: Beautiful beach for swimming if you are there make sure you dive form the famous Rock Deftera!!! If you dare dive from the PSILI. Ask one of the local kids they ll show you which one I mean.

Spilia -Hotel Rodon Entrance
Agios Giorgis Vourlidia
Agios Georgis (Vourlidia): Another beautiful chapel and an amazing beach. Go there to relax away from the crowds...
Agios Isidoros Agios Isidoros (left) : Magestic chapel, built on a rock in the middle of the sea. Aparently there used to be an ancient temple at the same spot. To reach it you will have to walk on a small corridor which makes you feel like you are walking on the surface of the sea!!!

Agios Nikolas Meraloudis(right): It will take you a big effort to get there but it's well worth it! Perfect spot for a romantic swim!!!

Agios Nikolas Meraloudis

Agia Kioura: North of Partheni you will find Agia Kioura Church which is said to be one of the few "Trisipostati" churches what that means is that it could host 3 holy altars so you could in theory have 3 ceremonies at the same time!!! The political prisoners during the period 1967-1974 were held in the area and some of them have painted some amazing icons within this church! One of the locals shared a legend with me, he said:

Agia Kioura
In the old days there used to be a fierce pirate... when he died his wife settled here with his crew but she loved the local people and took care of them since her husband left so much treasure. The locals used to call her Kyra (Kioura in the Lerian dialect) which meant Lady... when she passed away the locals built this church in her memory and called it Agia Kioura which translates Saint Lady...!
Agia Kyriaki: If you can hire a boat visit this little island. It is perfect for fishing and relaxing. The beautiful white church of Agia Kyriaki can be seen from far away... legend has it that a fisherman who used to go on the island often to collect salt kept on falling on a piece of wood he would pick it up throw it in the sea but the next time he was on the island there it was again.... the third time annoyed as he was he took a good look at it and saw that it was in fact an icon of Saint Kyriaki.... he decided to build a church at the same spot he found the icon!
Agia Kyriaki
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