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Welcome to the Island of Leros:
This web site is a virtual portal to the small island of Leros. An island situated in the cluster of the Dodecanese (or Dodekanese) in Greece! I am but a collector of images, stories memories and legends of the island.
Artemis tail The site is my effort to share the island with you. Through these web pages I will be your guide of the island I call home.

Get ready for a fishing trip with my fathers boat or a Gastronomical trip at my brother's restaurant, more importantly get ready to discover a hidden jewel of tranquility and true Lerian hospitality.

Leros Island of Artemis
Videos from the island uploaded on youtube:

2009-2014: My apologies to friends of Leros I have a number of pictures I would like to upload but never got the chance to do so yet. If you have not found us on facebook yet please do so plenty of amazing pictures from the friends of Leros there! See bottom right of this page

July 2008:Rodon Hotel views 08, Dimitris Ouzeri 08, Leros 2008, Leros by night, Castle View studios, Flora of Leros.

June 2007:Rodon Hotel, Dimitris Ouzeri, Leros 2007, Lerian Clips, Agios Isidoros, Kaliro & Niki's Lerian Goods.

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Looking for accommodation in Leros? Look no further! A family Hotel with a warm, friendly family atmosphere, clean and comfortable rooms, with amazing views of the mediteranean. try this one: Rodon Hotel.
Looking for amazing food in Leros? For amazing views from your table, a truly Greek cuisine, great value for money and an experience you will never forget try Dimitris here!
On a very low budget but still want a nice place to stay in Leros?
Try these self catering apartments, situated at a convenient area near the islands Centre, excellent view of the Castle the Windmills, Pandeli, Agia Kyriaki and the sea, from the main verandha. Try the Castle View Studios.
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